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Two Guys And A Truck Moving Company

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How We are working


To begin with moving isn’t your typical/uniform/steady work:

No two moves are identical.

As opposed to purchasing an item, and paying a predetermined price for it, there are a number of variables determining the cost of the Moving service.

Based on the list above, we will need the following information from you:

Date of the move (beginning or end of the month, the season);
Whether you have stairs (number of flights, as this affects the duration of the job and its difficulty);

Weather conditions (rain/snow etc., delay the labor and traveling time);
Packing of fragile items (boxes, tape, shrink wrap, safeguarding the furniture);
Tolls etc.;

Client Information

Select a date of the move that works for you;

Amount of stairs (oftentimes even a building with an elevator may have stairs in its service entrance, which they require us to use).

As you know this delays and complicates the job);

Good paking call us 929-339-6014
Amount of furniture (the more you have the longer it will take to wrap it); Does your building require insurance ?(must be purchased separately);
How our team is working
Fragile items (Vases, lamps, TVs, mirrors, computer monitors, glass shelves, glass tables etc., all has to be packed securely into special boxes);
Good deal call us 929-339-6014


We are offering a plan of moving on your desirable budget (for this you will need to get in touch with our specialist over the phone, and be ready to describe your specific situation in detail).

Our company is well aware of the present competition, and so we are willing to provide a discount of 10% - 30%, in a situation where our prices are exceeding that of a competing organization (for this you will need a proof: official price, email communication/document listing the amount of hours/amount of stuff being moved).